Hello + Welcome!

December 30, 2020

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for stopping by! We are so excited to be switching our brand from Golden Joy Photography to The Violett Company Photography. It is something that has been a year in the making and to say that it is a relief to have it up is an understatement. 
Some of you may be asking why the name change? Well, A few reasons to that. When we created Golden Joy Photography it wasn’t our first name… in fact, Golden Joy was a name change in an of itself! I have searched and searched for YEARS for the perfect name and we have finally landed on home. The Violett Company Photography is our final name change but even more than that we wanted it to be a complete rebrand! We wanted it to feel timeless and personable. My family is a HUGE part of why and how I do what I do, so in part it is a thank you to them. Not only that, PJ (the greatest hubby ever!) is an extra hand for me at weddings and you will often see him or my stepsons helping out at sessions. It takes a village and this is mine! 
We also wanted to rebrand to hit our main clientele. Who would that be you ask? Someone who wants to hold a moment forever. Someone who understands that life is fleeting and this is how we can keep it. Someone who cares about the quality of what they are receiving and the process in receiving it. We want to give you the highest quality service we can and that is what we strive for! It is about creating moments not just images and that is the heart of what we do. 
We want you to PRINT! We care so much about printing our art! It’s is so sad that things stay on a computers or a hard drives and never make it past your Facebook cover photo. Make your memories the art on your walls! Let your kiddos have these fun moments in their rooms! 
Thank you for going on this wild ride with us! we are seriously so excited for this launch, for the future, and being a part of your story.